Interestingness in the local news vol 10

consumer confidence is down [ynn]

a 15 year old from rensselaer made off with his 14 year old girlfriend in his dads lexus and were driving south [saratogian] update, they’re found [fox]

all good bakers is open! [tu]

nanotech got a cool $60m [ynn]

albany schnitzelfest (lol): april 16th [tu]

state senator wants the onion to be the nys veggie [tu]

more ualbany bros arrested for something [tu]

bridge btw lake champlain and burlington is almost done, late and overbudget [tr]

cee cee’s pizzeria is so haute right now [tr]

lawyer in troy suspended for professional misconduct [tu]

ge to build solar plant [ynn]

there’s more than 5,000 residential vacancies in alb [tu]

proposed nyc bill would prevent toys with unhealthy meals for kids [ynn]

body found, identified on peebles island [saratogian]

troy pd investigating on of their officers [tr]

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