Interestingness in the local news vol 50

the twerk team brought quite a crowd to irish mist, 354 people in the 140 capacity bar, shots fired, ongoing investigation [tu]

albany common council bans smoking in more places, gets praised by me because smoking is disgusting [ynn]

another incident with a person getting doused with bleach [tu]

the kid who hit and killed a guy after he “popped out behind a parked car” was actually in a high speed chase [tu]

bored kids in schaghticoke go on a “graffiti bombing spree” [therecord]

new website shows bars that have been disciplined by the SLA [therecord]

warm winter takes toll on maple tress syrup production, makes me sad [therecord]

big scary teen bro from copake got arrested for sending a threating text [therecord]

fracking ban re-proposed [ynn]

guy tresspasses into hopsital, goes porn browsing [ynn]

troy stewart’s sells $1m scratch off [ynn]

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