I get a lot of email, and I read every one of them. Unfortunately, I might not be able to respond to your message quickly, or ever. It is a better use of time to write and research articles for everyone than reply to many people individually. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t receive a reply.

Emails that are unlikely to get a response typically fall into one or many of the following categories:

  • They are ambiguous or otherwise make it hard for me to generate a reasonable response.
  • They are not a question or proposal that interests me.
  • Nothing really good would happen if I did respond, and nothing really bad would happen if I didn’t.
  • A long copy and pasted press release for something that isn’t aligned with the goals of this site.
  • A content-less email with a press release included as an attachment.
  • An email asking if I received your previous email.
  • A corporation is asking for me to advertise their multi-million dollar business for free or nearly free.

Do not add this email to your mailing list for any reason. This email address will change with once it’s burdened by spam/press release/mailing lists, so please check back to make sure you have the current address.

With all that said, please feel free to shoot me a short message at thingstodoinalbany at gmail dot com, especially if you are an actual person looking to share interesting and fun stuff going on in the Albany area.

To submit an event for the weekend post, use this page.