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DayGlow preview: DJ Prophet

Tonight is the sold out DayGlow Albany party at the Washington Avenue Armory. Alongside DJs Chuckie, Alex English (who we spoke to prior to this year’s Camp Bisco) and a couple others, 22 year old Saratogian DJ Prophet will also be doing his thing. He’s played out alongside some big names, such as Steve Aoki, Calvertron and rekLES (to name a few) and will be adding the sold out DayGlow event under his belt this evening.

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In the game since: September 2007

What have been some highlights for you over the years curating music at the Putnam Den? How did that get started? Well I just started working at Putnam Den last winter. It kind of all fell into place. I recently stopped working in Albany due to the commute and I heard that Putnam Den was looking for a DJ, as I was looking for a new venue.

I told them what I played and they seemed interested and told me I have one chance. I met up with the PeepThis crew and told them I want to throw an event and when the time came around we completely packed the place out with Gettin’ Jolly (our first event). From there on it grew to better parties hosting DJs such as Alex English, rekLES, Digiraatii, along with our very popular foam parties. My role is pretty simple there. I get to host 1-2 “big” events there a month and get to book artists as my headliners. I’m there every Thurs-Sat spinning just about anything in the EDM genre.

Onto your personal music, what can we expect to hear from you at DayGlow?– As far as Dayglow goes I have to keep that a little bit of a surprise! But you can expect heavy hitters in Dutch House, Electro and Dubstep.

How did you hear about DayGlow coming to Albany? Describe this elusive event in your own words! I first heard about DayGlow on a trip to Miami and watched multiple videos of the crazy party. Alex English then surprised me one day and told me that he put in a word for me and that I would be playing with him at the Albany date. The only way to describe DayGlow is crazy, loud, lights and paint!! Everyone there is for one reason and that is to party hard.

What are you currently working on? What can we look out for?Right now I am currently working on an across New York tour. Starting in Saratoga working my way down to NYC and Long Island, then over to Rochester and Buffalo, then back up.

I also have a huge party called OctoBEERfest which will be at Putnam Den with 3 stages of music and over 20+ DJs. (October 15th). I also will be opening for Avicii & Cazzette at the Armory on September 12th. I am also currently working on getting a small time slot at Ultra Music Festival Miami.

Artist you’re excited to see at DayGlow? Chuckie. The guy is a monster when it comes to his sounds. He just released his new single “What Happens In Vegas” and I cannot wait to hear it live. His stage presence is unbeatable.

First piece of vinyl that you purchased -or- most recent album that you’ve purchased? Run DMC, most recent Beastie Boys

What do you do when you’re not DJing or promoting events? My family owns a flower business in Saratoga so as embarrassing as that is probably running that lol.

Best way to combat boredom? Downloading and searching for new music. Nothing better then staying productive. I have a sick obsession with being the first to hear/ drop new tracks.

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