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Paint the town neon

A couple weeks ago, when I first saw mention of the DayGlow event appearing on my newsfeed, the only information available at the time was as follows: 1. It’s to take place at the Washington Avenue Armory on Thursday September 8th. 2. It is “Americ’s Largest Paint Party.” and 3. DJs TBA.

Ok, cool. That’s enough to spark my interest. But then I scrolled through the Facebook event page and saw that people were already trying to scalp tickets. Was this event honestly sold out (or close to) with no one knowing who was playing? That seriously blew my mind. #elusive #VIP

Tickets are priced at two options, general admission and the VIP option, which includes express entry, a VIP bag, a DayGlow CD, Towel, 16oz. bottle of paint, a DayGlow t-shirt and sunglasses. With over 3,500 tickets already sold, that doesn’t leave many tickets available at this point. Oh, and the headliners were announced a couple days ago and are Chuckie, David Solano and the Devil from Acapulco, in addition to support from Alex English and Saratoga-native DJ Prophet, with Emir Duru hosting.

The background behind the event is simple, as is it’s description: it started in 2006 in the college scene in Florida, and has since blown up. There’s music, there’s dance and there’s paint.

With momentum riding high in August, and the event just under a month away, it really does seem like it’s going to be something that you simply have to check out for yourself. It’s going to be unlike anything Albany’s ever seen before, and will definitely be unlike anything the crew has had to clean up following a show at the Armory. Not sure what to expect at this event, (besides music and PAINT) and I’m stoked to report from the scene with Andrew, safari style. Tickets and more information are available here.

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