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BASS!MINT interview: Shigeto

This Friday, our friends down in New Paltz are bringing Shigeto of Ghostly International to Cabaloosa’s, alongside resident DJs Far East and Jack Inslee, as hosted by MC DRHU of Broken Teeth NYC. Shigeto will be playing a live set, complete with drums, synthesizer and sampler, as sequencing and looping on the fly. Much respect to the Ghostly label and I highly suggest peeking around their site, (you’ll even find once-upon-a-time local band Phantogram on there) and Shigeto is definitely one of the label’s standout artists in my book. Peep the event details here and check the full Q+A beneath the cut!

photo courtesy of ghostly

Given your background in classical jazz / drumming how was the transition process to working with electronic music? What was your introduction to electronic music, production, ghostly, etc? The transition was easy at first. It was all so new and exciting. When you have new things to work with, it’s easy to stay inspired.

I started listening to electronic music as a kid. Early Warp and Ghostly releases were my first inspiration, along with all the 90’s hip hop.

In what ways does multiple interests in a variety of genres influence your work or help to shape your sound? I love all types of music. I think, or would like to think, it shows in my own.

What’s your favorite type of venue or event to play? As long as the crowd gives good energy, it doesn’t matter where I’m playing.

What to you makes one event more memorable or stand out amongst the rest? The energy.

If you could play a set anywhere in the world where would it be and with whom would you like to split a set with? I’d love to do a live set with Squarepusher. Doesn’t’ matter where. Or maybe sit in with Flying Lotus’s live group.

Do you remember the first gig you did? My first gig was for my neighborhood block party. I was 4.

What was it like following the release of “Full Circle Remixes”? What is next up your sleeve? My next EP “Lineage” will be coming out later this year. Very excited for it. Pretty different approach than in “Full Circle”.

How do you combat boredom? Believe it or not, I don’t really get bored.

How do you experience “local flavor” when in a new city? What do you do to pass the time en route? A city’s food is usually how I soak it in. I’m a homebody, don’t really go out late too much. I’m usually taking tons of pictures as well, loving “instagram” lately.

What do you do when you’re not making music or playing out? Hang with my fiancé and my dog.

What can we look forward to on Friday? Playing some new material of the EP.

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