End of a Year Self Defense Family ft. Caroline Corrigan — I’ve Got An Idea…

Albany’s (Cohoes? Whatever) End of A Year Self Defense Family has a track on the Run For Cover Records‘ “Mixed Signals” compilation. It features vocals from Caroline Corrigan, a singer and songwriter in the Albany-based Red Lions. Listen to the track below.

And from AP’s track-by-track run down:
Patrick Kindlon (vocals):

We chose “I’ve Got An Idea…” for inclusion on the comp because it’s entirely misleading. We don’t often sound like we do on this track. Caroline Corrigan is the very pleasant voice on this one and she doesn’t get an opportunity to play with us live very often. Thus, seeing us live will almost certainly disappoint fans of this song. That’s cool, because we’re sadists and Schadenfreude is what we’re putting out to the world. Run For Cover shares our love of human misery and was happy to work in collusion to ruin some moods.

It’s kind of neat that this CD is for sale in Hot Topic. Congrats to EOAYSDF and Caroline!

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