The Dirt Daubers and Tragedy: Recap and Photos

This past Monday at Valentines was an amazing opportunity to see many great bands both upstairs and down. Downstairs hosted The Slaughterhouse Chorus and The Dirt Daubers, and upstairs had Born Low and Tragedy.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus opened up the show downstairs, and they are one of the best bands that I had never previously heard of. Similar to the sounds of Against Me! with a bit more of a country twist rather than just folk-punk, they did their own thing, and they did it awesomely.

The Dirt Daubers, from Kentucky, were absolutely incredible. The frontman, J.D. Wilkes is fucking incredible at the banjo as well as the harmonica. He also ended up playing the kazoo and the washboard, which was all amazing.

After the show downstairs ended, Tragedy was just finishing up their soundcheck and I was able to feel the anticipation in the room building as they got things ready to go. They are just as heavy, loud and angry as ever. And a bit more sludgy than I remember, too. It seemed most people I talked to had seen them before and were more exited than ever to see them again. It was my first time and I’m quite glad I was able to catch them.

You can also read Sean’s way more in-depth Tragedy Recap from LPR.

Hit the jump for the full gallery and videos.

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