The Charles F. Lucas Confectionery aims to open next weekend

Danielle Sanzone, for the Troy Record:

TROY — Exactly a year after purchasing the property at 12 2nd Street in Troy, Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine are hopeful that their new business will debut next weekend.

The Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar received conditional approval from the state Liquor Authority Thursday. With 95 percent of the work done, it’s that last five percent – “the nuts and bolts, as LaVine put it – that the married couple is now working on to bring their labor of love to life.

I’m ecstatic for Vic and Heather. They have put an incredible amount of work into this space and I will confidently say even before they’ve opened their doors that they have created one of the best establishments in the area. I can’t wait.

Announcing The Charles F. Lucas Confectionery
Second Look: Nº 12 Second, Troy
First Look: Nº 12 Second, Troy.

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