Local horror flick Creeping Crawling premieres tonight at the Madison Theater

Tonight marks the premiere of Jon Russel Cring‘s horror film Creeping Crawling, which was created right here in the Capital Region. Starring Raine Brown, Laura LaFrate, Anna Shields, Yury Tysykun, and Chuck Girard, this film has a really big cast. If you can’t make out it tonight, it will be doing a week long run, until November 1st.

From the copy:

Creeping Crawling… An Entomological Anthology of Terror is a feature length film about two college students, writing a paper on Colony Collapse, who interview famed Entomologist Dr. Tarkovsky. They learn the Doctor has strong opinions on the interaction of insects and humanity. He explains his theories in three tales, here are the breakdowns…

This movie sounds awesome and is obviously appropriate given that it is Halloween weekend. Stop in at the Madison Theater tonight nice and early at 6pm for the first showing to kick off your weekend properly. I can’t wait to check it out.

Read more about the film on IMDb, Fangoria, Metroland, or the Cinephile. Hit the jump to check out the trailer!

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