Second Look: Nº 12 Second, Troy

Yesterday I stopped over to check on what’s been happening over at 12 Second Street in Troy. And since my last visit, progress has not halted at all. The bathrooms basically done, certain walls are finished, there’s the early stages of a bar, seating, and the list goes on. Vic Christopher (and two others) have not slowed down for a second.

In Vic’s own words, this project “is complete overkill”. And it shows, in the best way possible. Theres many spaces all along river street that are ready to move into that he could have just put his business into, but it’s obvious that’s not what he’s doing. And all the work he’s putting in now will be completely worth it in the long run, without any question. From the Lucas stamp on the wood in the bathroom, the sink made out of Stanton Brewing Crates, to the Trojan Hotel booths, there’s a lot of Troy history going into this space.

Hit the photo above or hit the jump to launch the gallery.

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