First Look: Nº 12 Second, Troy

Just walking around Troy earlier and I saw a sign inside the window for a building which advertises “Coming 2012, Wine Bar / Cafe”. Looking inside reveals a bunch of awesome exposed brick and a LOT of renovations taking place. Vic, the owner, sees me taking a few photos and invites me in.

It’s crazy to see the amount of enthusiasm Vic and Heather have for this building. Their website has a page dedicated to the History of 12 Second Street dating back to the 1790s. The interior is being created based on what they’re able to get locally, which includes booths from the Trojan Hotel, local Troy made bricks, as well as anything else they’re able to prevent from going into a landfill.

They’ve pulled out drop ceiling to discover gorgeous skylights, tore down walls to discover part of the building was an addition and one wall was originally the outside wall. They’re turning the space from the Lucas Confectionary (which went left this space in 1951) cooler into the wine cellar. It’s incredible.

You really need to head to their site and check their story, as well as their photo heavy blog posts from California Wine Country!

Best of luck with renovations and I can’t wait to see it finished, let alone enjoy a wine bar in Troy.

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