Interestingness in the local news vol 12

it’s tax day. [kab]

bbq wars are beginning [tr]

dude who stole two polos at the mall had a loaded sawn off in his backpack [tr]

cp woman charged with falsely reporting assault [saratogian]

some dude made cars drive somewhere else and now is a hero for making the air cleaner [ynn]

dude got caught by a k9 after trying to evade a traffic stop [tr]

woman who got attacked by a bear (?!) says she hopes they don’t kill it [ynn]

there’s free burritos at bombers on april 20th [kab]

rennsselaer looking to say fuck you to the westboro baptist church [tr]

part of the albany rail trail may open finally [tr]

one person mooning someone is apparently the same as destroying cars, rioting, etc [tu]

h&m is expanding, opening a 2 story store [tu] h&m is downsizing, moving [tu]

an overly complex story with no details and a lot of politics about a cop hitting a cab [tu]

more pine hills cleaning [tu]

drug raid money is used to buy cops personal cars, no lights or sirens [tu]

there’s a rad exhibit going on at the nys museum [tu]

dude jumped off a bridge to evade police, gets arrested [saratogian]

i don’t care about sports, at all.

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