Interestingness in the local news vol 49

suny’s muslim groups spied on by the nypd [tu]

a mom set a pile on clothes on fire an apartment with kids in it then bounced [tu]

bros fight outside of a bro bar in bro central [tu]

polish deli coming to lark (this excites the westchester in me) [tu]

a bill is looking to ban shark fins [tu]

sla releases map to places with liquor licenses (i still want to get 1 drink at every bar on the list — who wants to join) [tu]

the copy shop on state and pearl (next to savahannas) is turning into a vodka bar [tu]

loans approved for a troy bombers [tu]

nys govt to sell surpluses on ebay [tu]

live music tax discussion moved one week to next weds [tu]

my dudes in ‘karate’ getting support from the idiots (i agree too — they’re young and really, really good) [idiotsbeingidiots]

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