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Rare Form Brewing opening today

Rare Form Brewing Company, located at 90 Congress Street in Troy will open their doors today at 4:30pm. The project started many months ago with a shell of a building which has been completely transformed into a gorgeous brewery. Jenny Kemp and Kevin Mullen with the help from a few friends have tackled almost all the work themselves, even the plumbing and electric. There’s a lot attention to detail in the brewery, such as the lights on the taps, the Rare Form colors on the bar, the custom tap handles, growlers and more.

The building that houses Rare Form has more going on than just the brewery. It will have four storefronts, with the other three being a deli, art gallery, and a restaurant/cocktail bar. Collar Works, the art gallery also opens today.

Check out Rare Form tonight during Troy Night Out and be sure to “test” all their beverages for science.

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