The New Madison Theater opening Friday: Photos

Yesterday, I stopped by the Madison Theater to check out the changes that have been taking place over the past few months, and to talk about what to expect when they re-open. To make a long story short, Tierra Farm has bought the theater since the landlords wouldn’t guarantee a renewed lease for the coffee shop. The farm is no stranger to real estate, so working out a way to purchase the building wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to them. However, the whole operating a movie theater thing is.

Even with this being their first rodeo, they’ve got a solid plan. The three main theaters are getting converted into a mid-cap venue space, and the remaining two theaters will have second run movies. Tickets for the movies are only $5. And the low ticket price isn’t subsidized by insane candy or soda prices either, as those will be appropriately priced. They will offer all their nuts and other products, as well as organic sodas, candies and ice cream to moviegoers.

They’ve done a huge amount of work in a short time, replacing all the seats for the two theaters, completely re-did the marquee as well as fixing loads of miscellaneous inherited issues that came along with purchasing the building. The space between the CVS and the theater entrance will be converted from two tiny theaters to a Tierra store, which will stock most of, if not all of their products.

The most interesting part of this whole endeavor is the venue space. When Rev Hall closed as a venue, there was a big gap left in the mid-cap venue space in the area. UCH has some amazing shows but requires a trip to Clifton Park, and serious planning if you’re going to drink at the show. A venue of this size, a walk or bike ride away from many of us would be a huge asset to the community, not to mention a big income possibility for Tierra. Attending a comedy show in the back of the theater after grabbing a cup of coffee next door would be a really fun night.

The theater will have it’s re-opening on Friday, and they will be showing Cool Hand Luke, Slap Shot, Butch Cassidy and The Sting. Check the show times on their calendar, and follow em on twitter.

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