Albany Distilling expands into Takk House’s bar

Takk House teased last week that they had something in the wings, and today they announced that Albany Distilling is moving into their bar space.

From their facebook post:

Finally! We can shout this from the roof tops! We are sooo thrilled to announce that The Albany Distilling Company, Inc. and Takk House are going into a wonderful collaboration! They are moving in! Welcome to Troy ADCo! We are so happy to have you. You will now be able to hang out in our bar/parlor 1-2 times a month during special popup hours and enjoy a specialty cocktail and entertainment. We are calling these events “Shake-ups” and the first one is 7/11 after the Troy Pig Out. More details soon! We hope to see you at our very first collaborative event launch. Please help us in welcoming ADCo to the neighborhood! CHEERS!!

It’s going to be awesome to stop by once or twice a month and grab some cocktails made with local spirits, and will allow a bunch of people to see the awesome space inside of Takk House.

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