Matt Baumgartner to open casual Italian resturant in the former Miss Albany Diner

Matt Baumgartner, on Friday Puppy:

Next month, my business partners and I will be opening a restaurant called Sciortino’s in the diner cart next to Wolff’s Biergarten, in North Albany’s Warehouse District.

The name of the restaurant will be called “Sciortino’s, after my grandparents, Frank & Rachel Sciortino who are from Utica, NY (pictured above).

Sciortino’s is going to be a casual, Italian restaurant featuring some of my grandparent’s recipes, and other delicious stuff like meatballs, pizza and pitchers of beer (!!!).

Bam, there it is for everyone who’s been anxiously waiting any sort of announcement regarding this legendary space. North Albany definitely needs a restaurant for the late night crowd, as well as to be able to flourish as a new residential hot-spot.

I ate Italian food every single day of my life until I left for college, so I’m not as excited as I know many other people will be. That being said, having a spot like this in my neighborhood is a huge step forward and I guarantee I’ll end up there frequently, especially because they serve beer. And even more so if it’s as vegan/vegetarian friendly as Bombers and Wolff’s is.

Congrats Matt! Let me know when it’s ready for a photo tour.

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