Andrew’s Music Monday: Winter Mixtapes

There’s been a crazy amount of awesome mixtapes coming out this year for it to barely be halfway through February. Here’s a few choice ones that have popped up in the past couple of weeks.

Up first we’ve got Mike Posner and DJ Benzi with a guest mix they did for BBC Radio 1. It’s got a lot of energy and definitely has a sexy Valentine’s Day flavor to it — just look at the tracklist.

Diplo & Friends 2013-02-10 Mike Posner and DJ Benzi Valentine’s Warm Up by Core News Uploads on Mixcloud

Up next we’ve got a mix from Kingdom for DIS Magazine. It’s loaded with a ton of different sounds and has a big span (Jersey club to rap to what you’d expect from Fade to Mind) for being only 45 minutes. The intro is amazing. It’s got a lot of forthcoming stuff from Kingdom, including the tracks he did with Kelela Mizanekristos which are be coming out soon on the Vertical XL EP on Fade to Mind.

Here we’ve got Ryan Hemsworth’s Radio 1 Mix for Benji B. Hemsworth has exploded in popularity very recently and after listening to this mix you’ll understand why. Check out more from Hemsworth’s label WeDidIt if you’re into this sound. Very good etherial and emotive sounds in this mix. Would be a good soundtrack for a scenic drive.

That’s it for now. Go have a productive week!

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