Ravens Head Brewing purchases Cohoes Armory, plans $3M investment into building

Pam Allen for The Business Review:

Ravens Head Brewing Co. has purchased the Cohoes Armory and will pump as much as $3 million into the property to begin producing beer by late August or early fall.

That’s a pretty significant investment, especially since the Cohoes Armory is a mere 10% of the cost of the original plan which involved St. Joes and an additional parking lot. That’s a really high number especially considering:

Cleary’s not sure if the brewery will be limited to a production facility with tasting rooms and tours, or will add a restaurant down the road.

I’m not sure what the lack of continuity is with these numbers and plans for Ravens Head, but something isn’t adding up. I feel that there must be some miscommunication here as this wishy-washy attitude with regard to not having a brewpub is so far off from their original plan, not to mention I really don’t think it would cost $3M to set up a production-only facility.

AOA has a fantastic article about the future of St. Joes which gives a look into the challenges of finding an occupant for the building.

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