Seasons Skate Shop x Pig Food Records x Jeremy Fish

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.53.07 AM

Our friends over at Seasons Skate Shop and Pig Food Records have teamed up with the incredibly talented and oh-so-dope Jeremy Fish for their second annual collaboration.

This year’s collaboration also features a PFR posse cut featuring Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, elsphinx, Benn Grim, Grizzly Grimace, Alaska, and Dizzo, produced by PJ Katz. The song is called “Beef Patty Freaks, and each board comes packaged with an exclusive flexi-vinyl copy of it.

This year’s limited edition collaboration includes a skateboard featuring the artwork of Jeremy Fish, a flexi of the new PFR song and to round it out, they also threw a snapback into the mix. Everything will be available this Friday, November 22nd courtesy of Pig Food Records and Seasons Skate Shop. Big up to all involved, this year’s collaboration falls nothing short of awesome.

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