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Semi-Formal show at Valentine’s

A couple years ago, Nick Warchol (from Aficionado) and Mike Tash (Orphan Legs) combined efforts to put on a semi-formal show at Valentine’s. Due to great success and high demand for a comeback, the semi-formal is back featuring Importante (reunited for their first show in 2 years), Summer People, Zlam Dunk and Hot Cha Cha.

Similar to the fall semi-formal affair from years past, Andrew will be manning a prom-style photo booth, so be sure to dress up (and by doing so pay less at the door) and not be a “boring asshole.” Bonus: there will be food (both vegan and non) available for all in attendance.

click here to see the whole gallery from this show!

Click here for this year’s flyer! Show starts at 8pm, you know the drill.

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