KC’s Music Monday: “Eric” by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing

Considering the fact that summer is officially just around the corner, I’m already late to the party for spring cleaning and have ran out of excuses for letting this assortment of tasty local music collect any more dust in my email inbox. Enjoy.

Forming in 2010 by a bunch of friends who have an interest and talent in the rap genre, Pig Food Records is a DIY collective that is doing their own thing and doing it properly. The Pig Food Recs roster is stocked with quite the crew, all locally-based and all busy with on-deck projects, upcoming shows, videos, podcasts, freshly-stocked merch.

The featured mixtape in question, Eric, comes from local duo, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (comprised of Dez and Dood Computer) over at Pig Food Records. The dudes put together this teaser mixtape to satisfy the heads while they work on their forthcoming album. “H.O.R.S.E.”, which is due out later this summer. The album is almost entirely produced by Albany’s own Brendan “Absolute” Paulsen and the troublemakers are currently putting the finishing touches on it. The album will also feature artwork by Adam Hathorn and surprise guest spots. Dez described it as “100% delicious Albany dickhead rap.”

Sign me up. And in the meantime, you can check out Eric for free over on their website.

Dez on Eric: “We made this coming from a traditionally skilled MC’s perspective, from a real rap head’s point of view, but the music we chose was/is definitely for the ears of someone who doesn’t really listen to rap. There’s something for everyone on “Eric”. We just had fun really. We hope you do too.”

Me on Eric: The beauty of what they created is that it’s as much of a soundtrack as it is the story itself. I’ve listened to this mixtape a handful of times since it first landed back in late April and it’s really unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s full of risks, breaking out of any preconceived rap pigeonholes by incorporating Phantogram’s “As Far As I Can See,” rinsing in samples from Cursive’s “The Recluse”, Alicia Keys’ “Fallin” and even snippets from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison.

Unlike majority of the other mixtapes I’ve listened to, Eric, is broken up by individual tracks, that correlate together but also stand strong on their own. I listened to the mixtape in order and also on shuffle (without even realizing), and it was enjoyable both ways.

The mixtape also features a guest appearance from Elsphinx, who is also on Pig Food Records and came out with a new album this April and is paired with a pretty dope 3d t-shirt for the supporters.

This may have dropped in April (like I said, I’m late to spring cleaning), but it’s a dope and original blend of MCing, beats and samples that adapts well in the summer season. Driving music, BBQing music or even office soundtrack if you’re stuck inside, this mixtape is for you. Look out for H.O.R.S.E. dropping sometime this summer!

You can also check out Dezmatic as part of the summer series by Dutch Apple Cruises on August 18th too. Pencil that to your iCal for sure.

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