Review: Mingle

I’ve been hearing quite the buzz about this new establishment that’s replaced the late Wine-n-Diner, called Mingle, located at 544 Delaware Ave, in the newly coined “DelSo” neighborhood. There’s been vague rumblings of the word ‘vegan’ being associated with this place and that’s more than enough for me to go check it out.

They’ve got a separate vegan/vegetarian menu (gluten-free too), similarly to how New World does it. It’s available by request, but wasn’t offered in lieu of the regular menu during my visit and I found out this exited on my way out. Bummer, but no big deal, just ask for it next time. Also for some bizarre reason they consider seafood vegetarian, so you sort of have to keep your guard up even with the veg menu.

The regular menus got loads of items in all arenas, including vegan items alongside all the seafood, beef and pork you can handle. Chef Un-Hui has loads of Korean influenced and pure Korean dishes on the menu, including homemade kimchi and the Korean staple, pork belly.

I had the spicy vegan chili to start, along with the vegetable Chap Chae. The chili was really great, but definitely on the conservative side of ‘spicy’, but that’s much more favorable than the ‘you cant even enjoy the food’ level of spicy. The noodles in the Chap Chae were awesome and flavorful, cooked wonderfully and the vegetables worked really great with the noodles and the dish didn’t have competing flavors. Everything was well thought out, and it really showed.

I highly recommend checking this place out. There’s loads of dishes that I’m excited to try on my return visits, and their beer menu has a bunch of really great craft beers that I haven’t seen before. Do yourself a favor and make the trip.

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