Portugal. the Man at the Hollow Bar + Kitchen: Photos


This past Thursday, the Hollow Bar + Kitchen, nee Bayou Cafe, partnered with WEQX and held a really awesome show. Portugal. the Man was supporting their new album, ‘Evil Friends,’ which was produced by Danger Mouse and is out June 1st. You can stream one of their new songs if you haven’t heard any of their new album yet.

The show itself was great, and I love shows that start on time, and have no opener. The dudes from P.tM just walked on stage and rocked out for a bit, took some questions from hosts at WEQX and were on their way. I am admittedly not up to date with Portugal’s new material but it’s easy to enjoy them live without knowing every song. This was my first time in the Hollow Bar + Kitchen since it stopped being the Bayou and the direction they’ve taken it is great. There were noticeable moves away from the kitschy aesthetic of the Bayou which was much needed. I really hope to see more awesome live music here as this show was a real sleeper of a booking for a Thursday night. Keep it up!

Click the photo above to see a few more photos!

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