OUTPOSTMIX #1: Brother Suarez

I’m happy to be launching the Outpost Mix series today, and the debut is a good one. Every month, the week before an Outpost1 party, a new mix will be posted up for the people. The plan is to feature one of the DJ’s playing at the party that Friday. Our M.O. is to only host DJ’s we’re super-fans of at our party’s, so expect these mixtapes to be hot fire! Kicking off the series is our friend Brother Suarez.

Outpost1 by brothersuarez

I met Brother Suarez (Heady Pro) last year when we DJ’ed in that strange black theater room at SUNY together. The crowd was like all 18-year-old freshmen rave kids (apparently they still exist), and Suarez lent us needles to use after ours catastrophically both broke, damn… that was our first time meeting but I already knew well of his Jungala party’s in New Paltz, a huge inspiration to us for starting this Outpost1 monthly.

This mix is mainly a Funky ting. Suarez’ mixes usually go high-energy, which I love, but I think this one is a little more zoned-out, and I like that too. Martyn & Breach & Julio Bashmore = yes. And like every other Suarez mix I’ve listened to, expect flawlessly smooth mixing. Holler on the Suarez Soundcloud for a tracklist if you so desire.

So yeah, Suarez is DJing with us at Outpost1 this Friday @ Fuze Box! The kid kills it on the dancefloor, come show him love.

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