Video: Masai – Where I Went Wrong

Earlier this summer, I killed an hour of a hungover morning, appearing as a cameo in a music video for my friend and local musician Masai. “Where I Went Wrong” is one of my favorite tracks off of Masai’s album, which I reviewed back in February this year and the concept for the video matches the song perfectly. Plus, being a cameo is something on my bucket list so until I land on the silver screen across the country, this totally counts. It was really fun seeing how little moments were pieced together by Hypeset DaEdit and the end result came out awesome.

From Masai:

The concept for the “Where I Went Wrong” video is intentionally simpler than that of “Dear Masai,” though the visuals are arguably more complex and detailed. “Where I Went Wrong” depicts an obvious metaphor for navigating through life and encountering dead ends, confusion, and even some friends along the way. It was partly inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland AND, oddly enough, episode 41 of Batman: The Animated Series.

Masai and Hypeset DaEdit (of 518 Films) collaborated on the imagery, with Hype taking the helm when it came to editing and post production.

It features cameos from some of the 518’s most talented artists: Tee Sdot (Singer), Kc Orcutt (Writer/Blogger), Dizzydott (Videographer), JB!! aka DirtyMoses, Mike Arson, and Kaine (MCs), and Intell (He does a little bit of everything).

Thanks to everyone that helped bring this to life.

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