Interestingness in the local news vol 4

Keep Albany Boring posted a collection of Kegs and Eggs videos, and every local media outlet also happened to do the same the very next day. How weird! [kab]

APD and the Albany DA are pissed off about K&E and plan on using all the videos posted online to help aid them in arresting these idiots. When asked Soares said he saw the videos on here. [kab]

WCDB, UAlbany’s college radio station has for some reason pulled a dick move and they struck up a deal with a minor league baskeball team which would put their sports broadcasting in the prime time weekend slots. Oh, there’s money involved. [kab]

Brother Suarez, a DJ who is playing at our party at Fuze Box this Friday made a mix for you to listen to so you can get ready to dance your face off. [kab]

Kegs and Eggs ended with forty+ arrests, five of which are felonies. [tu]

There’s a group of volunteers unrelated to the K&E debauchery that are volunteering to help clean up the neighborhood. [fbook]

Matt Baumgartner had finalized plans to open “The Olde English” in the 2nd oldest house in Albany, the Quackenbush house. [tu]

Resturants are eating the cost of higher food prices to hopefully maintain or grow business levels. [tu]

DWI sweeps a success. So why not do them way more, as in, like, always? [ynn]

12 kids were hospitalized in a school bus accident in Rensselaer en route to the Palace, but they didn’t find out until they were in Albany. Oops! [saratogian]

Hudson and Hamilton Streets in Albany have almost no permanent residents. [tu]

Dude in Latham (23) build a meth lab in his house! [ynn]

MMA might be legal in NYS, please dear god no–there’s enough TapouT douche bag idiots already. [ynn]

YNN posted a video of the new Troy river front plans. [ynn]

SUNY students are rallying at the Capitol against budget cuts [record]

not local

Rebecca Blacks horrible video for a horrible song went viral.

The Bus Driver from that horrific bus crash downstate was a convicted felon and had a suspended license. [record]

Glenn Beck said the earthquake was a message from god. [tu]

Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs killed the music industry [betterelevation]

The guy who turned in Bradley Manning got “coffee and a pat on the back.” [aljazeera]

Pepsi is developing plastic-less bottles. [treehugger]

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