UAlbany veteran hero going on hunger strike

They said a hero could save us, and UAlbany student Chris Schewe (now known as Shoenice22) is not gonna stand here and wait.

Schewe left an emotional YouTube commentary in reaction to President George Philip canceling Fountain Day, at some points holding back tears from his beautiful blue eyes as he talked about his “humarian” accomplishments.

He offers a thoughtful solution to the problem and compares the post Kegs and Eggs chaos to Desert Storm POW camps and living in trenches.

This dude has done it all — ranging from storing Kuwaiti children in his tractor trailer and feeding them Dintymore Stew to being a Rolling Stones security guard. Now he is a full-time UAlbany student looking to save Fountain Day.

Schewe claims he will be shackling himself to the UAlbany main fountain on Saturday and going on a hunger strike. His demands? President Philip must reinstate Fountain Day and Glenn Beck must come film Fountain Day, “the sober way.”

Pour one out for our bro Schewe this weekend.

Meanwhile, in the student ghetto, Chicken Joe’s is worried that more bros might be going on hunger strikes.

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