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Recap: Traxman at Basilica Hudson

Last night was another edition of Basilica Hudson’s Jupiter Nights.

Jupiter Nights is a new weekly series on Thursdays celebrating regional musicians and creatives through concerts, poetry readings, conversational gatherings, art exhibits, DJ nights and more. Jupiter Nights will serve as a counterbalance to Basilica Hudson’s large-scale events, with a focus on the local creative community.

It’s great to see a new small space with a good bar selection, an outdoor kitchen serving food for anyone who wanted, and people who came out to dance.

I got an email yesterday from Basilica Hudson letting me know about the event, and as a long time Teklife fan, I made the trip. Traxman jammed out with us playing tons of funky jazzy edits that were made by him that probably exist only on his hard drive. I was hoping for start-to-finish footwork, but it was still amazing to hear rare chops, foundational house tunes, and anything funky he wanted to play, which included the Charlie Brown theme song.

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