Andrew’s Music Monday: Keeping it local


Just a few tunes to start your week off.

Up first, we’ve got a track from Patrick Porter, featuring Hand Habits. A rare collaboration which makes me want many more. Let the tracks after it play, it’s well worth it.

…which brings us Hand Habits. If you are unfamiliar, check out their very dreamy/airy album above. Released last summer but worth a look if you’ve somehow managed to miss it.

Next up is Broken Field Runner, which is Tony Bucci’s (the singer of Caleb Lionheart) solo act. He got these demos recorded and posted very recently, so check em out and be ahead of the curve.

WEXT did a Top 100 of local tunes and were kind enough to provide the entire tracklist as a pdf. Start googling because some of these are incredible. Number one is embedded above.

And lastly, some Dipset because Dipset rules, and Juelz Santana will be playing Saturday at the Upstate Concert Hall.

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