Tonight: Homeboy Sandman at the Hollow

Tomorrow the Hollow will host an awesome hip-hop show featuring Homeboy Sandman and The Difference Machine alongside local favorites Masai, Moses Rockwell, and Mic Lanny.

Background for the uninformed, from his latest Pitchfork review:

Granted, those crunching noises come after a bunch of verses relating to Sandman’s vegan/organic/health food diet, which reclaims almond milk and lentils from hippie-dippie yuppie-shopper punchline status and flips it through his own eat-right lens in the tradition of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Ham ‘n’ Eggs. From there on out there’s ample proof that Sandman’s blend of straight-up rhyming, conceptual thrust, and worldbuilding storytelling is yet again on point. In doses of little interconnected one-liner details, unspooling over “I Saw a World or “Bad Meaning Good”, his negative-space-heavy hard-stop flow lets the snapshots come into focus. Bigger-picture stories feel like they could go on for another half-dozen verses—there’s devastating depth to the broken woman depicted at the core of “Echoes (“Her mother once beside herself with worry/ Now she wander right beside her none the wiser/ She didn’t recognize her).

Homeboy Sandman is definitely one for the real hip-hop heads. Check out more info on the official event page and head to the Hollow tomorrow to see Albany’s finest along with Homeboy himself.

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