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Interview: Brenmar

This past weekend, I hopped a bus down to NYC to reunite with Contakt (who, lest you dare forget, absolutely slayed it in the club during the June edition of OUTPOST1 with Cunei4m) to finally make it to a TURRBOTAX® affair at the Cove in Brooklyn. Between the crowd and the line-up alike, the venue, (aptly dubbed the rave cave), respectfully, was absolutely bursting with copious amounts of good people and pure, incomprehensible talent. While experiencing immaculate sets from UK badman DJs Ben UFO and Oneman, I ran into the good Doctor Jeep (playing next month’s Outpost!), the Orator from Mushpost (look up our new friends in VT!), DJ Far East and some other friends, I also happened to cross paths with Brenmar, who is headlining the next Heady Pro party this Saturday, alongside Brother Suarez, Far East, Just the Sauce, Mr. Kissner, and Deep Children’s Mycon on the rooftop of Pagliacci’s.

Brenmar is making a stop in our fair city between getting back from a tour in Europe and an upcoming trek to Tokyo, as well as running on boundless momentum from dropping his second EP, “Let Me Know (Tasting) on the Grizzly imprint, making a music video for “Taking Out Down, doing a nasty mix of his house, R&B, hip-hop and various club sounds for The FADER, as well as frequenting features on the web such as on xlr8r and FACT.

He’s up to some good things and has serious plans for the present-day and near future. Brenmar is a straight-up hustler in the best sense of the word and there’s no better time than now to catch him live. Until Saturday rolls through, scope the nice ‘n quick Q+A behind the jump!

In the game since: I’ve been making beats since I was 15 in some form or another.

How did you arrive at your moniker? My little brother was born with a speech impediment and when he was 2 years old he gave everyone in the family their own particular name, he called me Brenmar for about 2 months or so before he finally started called me by my real name. When the time came a couple years later to choose an alias it was the first name that came to mind.

Can you tell us a little bit about your introduction to the music scene and how you got started with making music? What brought you to NYC? I got my first pair of turntables at 14 followed by my first sampler at 15. I’ve been making music for about 10 years more or less nonstop. I’ve gone through multiple different phases, was always experimenting and trying out new things/genres/ideas. I finally really feel like I have a firm grasp on Brenmar is and where I want to take it. I moved to NYC to grind, to get shit done. I lived in Chicago my entire life, had to switch it up.

Maybe tell us a little bit about your experiences collaborating and remixing with others, such as with Dubble Dutch or Nguzunguzu, or who you want to work with next? Dubble Dutch and Nguzunguzu are both really good friends and we like a lot of the same music so it was only natural to try and write some music together. Truth be told I wish we could write more frequently. Working with vocalists is really high on my agenda right now, singers and rappers. I got some big plans.

If you could DJ anywhere in the world, where would it be? Dance party in Egypt surrounded by the pyramids.

Do you remember the first party or event you played? The first party I played was DJing at my first house party and it was amazing. My set was rough around the edges no doubt but the vibez were so good it didn’t matter, been chasing that feeling ever since.

How organized is your personal music collection? Fairly organized I’d say, could def. be better though. I do a really good job of keeping track of whatever new tracks I get, iTunes “Date Added”

Do you begin to produce or mix with a sample or beat in mind, or is your approach more organic? Usually either start with a sample or synth patch which will set the mood.

What was it like making the music video for “Taking It Down?” A little stressful but fun. It was shot over 2 nights, about 6 hours each night. That’s not a lot of time and we had a lot of shots to get it but it ended up working out! We turned the barbershop out, a straight up club the first night, mad vibez.

Was going on Local Action Records radio your first experience being on the air waves? How did you prep or approach it differently than for a club night? I’ve been on the radio a few times prior, it was fun, super chill. I just play whatever I want, it’s cool cause you can go much deeper on the radio than if you were in the club.

How do you manage being able to do so damn much in one day? Do you have a personal assistant? Can I apply? lol, i work on music at least 5-7 hours everyday if i’m not on tour. I need to do this, it’s my release. Too many days without working on a track and I start to feel depressed.

Tell us about your new EP! It’s called “Let Me Know (Tasting)” It’s 3 new tracks plus one remix by Dubble Dutch out on Sinden’s Grizzly imprint. Out now 🙂

When you’re traveling, how do you like to pass the time en route? I read, sleep or make beats in the airport. I bust out with my mini midi controllers and usually catch a couple of random stares from people but it’s all good.

How was your time in Europe? Europe is amazing, so much history and so many new sights and sounds. Good food, cute girls, nice weather…can’t really complain. The clubs are crazy, massive sound systems and they really care about dancing. It’s not easy though, certain tracks that go over really well in the US will fall on deaf ears in the EU so it was def. a learning experience too.

How was playing Jungala in New Paltz? Are you excited to bring your sound upstate to Albany? What do you know about Albany? Jungala was amazing, one of the best parties I’ve played this year. Good vibez, I’m expecting the July 2nd to go off! I don’t really know very much about Albany to be honest (or upstate NY for that matter) other than it’s really pretty.

I’d ask you what we can expect from you in the future but I already know. Straight up hustle. $$$

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