Music Monday: Heat

Here’s a few mixes to help you embrace the heat we’ve been experiencing in Upstate New York. Or help you remember that it’s hot out while you enjoy your air conditioning.

First up is a new one from dancehall authority, The Heatwave. Titled ‘Gyal Power’, this mix features all female MCs and manages to pack almost 70 tunes in 60 minutes.

Next is a recording of Murlo‘s latest Chateau FM broadcast. This dude has his tunes played by every dancehall/soca/reggae leaning DJ in every set. Can’t wait to catch him live.

Next up is a mix from D’hana and Rizzla, who were profiled for the Queer issue of the Boston Phoenix. This mix will give you a taste of what they talk about in the paper.

Last up is a BoilerRoom bedroom session from one of my favorites, MikeQ. If you’re not familiar with MikeQ, let me help you.

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