Duncan’s Music Monday: Keep Albany Hyphy

So since my posts are erratic and not posted in a timely manner, I am going to refrain from titling this any ‘Music Monday’. Instead this will just consist of cool tracks that I have recently discovered. Nothing too crazy here.
Editor’s note: This was indeed submitted for review Monday, my bad.

This track by NiT GriT is real rad due to the slow and low approach I feel it has. The strong synth leads if you have not already guessed are a part of my favorite sound textures in the electronic genre of music and this particular track is very rich with these. Overall I just like it because it has a relaxed tone without compromising its attack when it comes to wobble. Bro-Step beware, people are no longer hopped up on old recipe Four Loko. It has to be that new jenkem.

Honestly its Skream. Too bad this particular track is a rip off a mix and has vocal rubbish on the end.

Moving more towards Grime, I am a fairly unknowledgeable about this subgenre, but have been listening to it almost exclusively. Over the course of listening to many mixtapes this little gem peeked into my ear drums.

Obligatory Joker remix. But on the real, it also has a phenomenal grime vocal track to boot so.

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