Scotty’s Music Monday: Take Techno Seriously

Guess what, humans only use 10% of their brains, and by not listening to techno music from Detroit, you’re forfeiting any chances of upping that number.

Of course nowadays, techno comes from other places too, like the Jersey Shore or maybe Iowa, but I don’t acknowledge its existence. It’s all about the original Detroit Techno and the modern-day producers who take cues from it…and if you listen to it, two things will happen. First, your brain will become more efficient and capable of dealing with the year 2011. Second, your heart will become heavy with romance for urban decay and hope for the arc of humanity as a whole. It’s also good for dancing. I just saw a writeup on my man DJ Rolando, a legend of Detroit Techno, and I wanted to make sure you’re aware of him.

Here’s the classic tune, probably what the inventors of XML or the guys in Ariel Pink’s band listen to, now that he has one. It came out in 1999, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Moby.

& Here’s a mixtape from February from Fact magazine, he’s still got it!

Also just so happened that Rolando did a remix for Contakt from TURRBOTAX, whom is booked for next month’s OUTPOST1 party at Fuzz.

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