Review: The Lucky Jukebox Brigade — Pretty Well Damned

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade were lovely enough to send me an advanced copy of their new album! I am unfortunately unfamiliar with their old stuff but I was definitely delighted when I popped the CD into my stereo. I had no idea what to expect but was enveloped with a grand multi-layered sound, which given the amount of people in the band, makes sense.

Without the long per-track review that would probably be longer than anyones attention span, I’ll just say the feeling throughout the album goes from indie-ish rock to show tune to big band to orchestral to southern blues with ease. There’s plenty of sing-alongs and harmonized vocals which I’d imagine would be amazing live. You can listen for yourself over at their band page.

Also don’t forget their album release ball is at Valentine’s tomorrow (Friday 5/18)! For more details: check the facebook event.

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