RestFest 2012: Photos and Recap

So, it’s quite possibly the worst Monday of the year; the one where you’re back at work and RestFest is officially over. I was unfortunately able to make it to the festival only on Friday, because of work. But even on the first day, everything was working perfectly and seeing The Kamikaze Hearts was incredible.

St. Joesph’s church was decked out top to bottom and even though there was a ton of people and amenities, the size of the building allowed people to hang back on the pews and not be crammed in up by the stage. The merch space was really great and really entertaining to browse and see what all the bands had to offer. And I can’t not mention The Kamikaze Hearts selling their album on a silk-screened metal USB drive that doubles as a bottle opened. Really an awesome idea, especially that computers aren’t even shipping with CD drives anymore.

The sound was great, the lighting really made the church look amazing and the food available was cheap and delicious. It was pretty awesome to be able to get a Hennepin and vegan zucchini bread in an old church while seeing amazing bands.

If you missed this years show, you truly did miss out. Pay attention if there is a RestFest next year and attend it. It’s way too awesome to miss.

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