Review: Drake — Take Care

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe how much of a vagina Drake is. However, this vagina with out question delivered a top-notch album.

Take Care is everything you thought it would be going to be, which is the male version of the Vagina Monologues. For some reason though, it’s relatable — maybe it’s because me and Drizzy both have an affinity for strippers we’ve made rich — maybe.

I wouldn’t listen to this shit if you’ve never been in a relationship because it will make you into a NO BOX HAVING EMO. I would give a break down of every song but it’d be pointless, as the album is truly best listened and described as a collective body of work.

Also, no one should play this album while the sun is out. This is an album that should only be played when you’re either drunk and lonely, drunk and reminiscing of the times spent with your ex, or the best of them all — drunk/high off the LEAN (lean use is not endorsed by Keep Albany Boring nor its affiliates, including but not limited to Kevin Ross).

Truly this is a solid album and I’d rate it a 4 out 5. And remember folks — don’t listen to this shit while the sun is out.

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