Q. Jane’s Zennigram

Just Pretend Records is a newly formed indie record label based out of upstate New York. They’re meticulously crafting their artist roster focusing on those with unique, raw talent. Their catalog begins with singer Q. Jane, who today released the first single off of her debut EP, Zennigram.

Accompanying the track, “Bad Thing,” is a hauntingly beautiful music video directed by Jimi Woodul. Q. Jane’s music is vibrant, unadulterated and whimsical, aided by the honest place it has grown out of.

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, Q. Jane started writing songs in her early adolescence and was encouraged by her father to record her own material. As a college freshman, she worked with her brother on a track entitled “Cool Kind. which revealed a natural energy between the two siblings. Returning to Albany the following summer, Q recorded her debut EP with Just Pretend Records, entitled Zennigram. Music has become her most comfortable medium of expression ushering growth and confidence finding her voice.

Zennigram is available for pre-order on iTunes and you can check out the video below for “Bad Thing”.

Photo: Ben Woodul

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