RAILBIRD takes to kickstarter to fund new video and single ‘Jump Ship’

RAILBIRD pleads a very transparent case for funding for their video and single Jump Ship, as well as the subsequent marketing of said video. Kinda cool to see an artist break down costs, but it’s to be expected when asking for dough on kickstarter.

Our goal is to release our new single, Jump Ship, this June and follow that release with a music video that we are in the process of making. A little more than half the money we raise will go toward hiring a media company to get the track and the video out there to blogs and webzines. 1,300 will cover one month of promotion. We’d also like to cover the costs of making the music video (or at the very minimum feed the crew who are donating their time!) Margaret Lewis (director and producer) has estimated 350 will cover basic costs. 250 will go toward mixing and mastering the track and 100 will get us digital download cards. We also have a new t-shirt design by Elizabeth Pedinotti that is so awesome it’d be a shame not to get them made. It’ll cost 500 to get them done right by American Apparel (sweatshop free!) So that’s 2,500! (Actually, to really reach our goal of 2,500 we need to raise a bit more as Amazon takes 5.0% + $0.05 for all transactions and we will also be charged an additional fee by Kickstarter per transaction up to 5%)

Read more on the kickstarter.

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