Scotty’s Music Monday: Outpost Relay

Yo its Mycon. Out to the Outpost1 people, mad fun! My new jobs of hypeman and DVD selector are ill. Uncle Buck & Dune all night.

Fun stuff from last week for the seeds:
Thank god for this coming out, I’ve been waiting since last year = baltimore meets the david kennedy sound. Rod Lee never sounded so good.

Nonplus records released this one. THIS is my jam, another one I been waitin on. Dark electro is taking over fast. Alex Green is Sicko Cell?

Not a Radiohead fan but this has the hype. B-side is also floating around on Youtube, it sounds like Thom Yorke singing over a Burial break. Hater’s gonna hate but I’d love an instrumental of this. Nice one!

New Dubbel Dutch mixtape. Good look on the DJ Technics tune.
Dubbel Dutch – Hyp 024
Hyp 024: Dubbel Dutch by Hyponik

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