Phantogram: “We’ve got some songs on the next Big Boi album”

From SPIN’s ‘5 Things SPIN Learned About Big Boi’s ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors‘:

“She’s my new Sleepy Brown” Big Boi said, comparing Barthel, who was snapping pics of the MC, to the Dungeon Family hookmaster. His connection came from a bit of kismet. Turns out Big had unknowingly heard Phantogram’s ethereal “Mouthful of Diamonds” in a commercial. After he had Shazam’d the track and figured out which band was responsible, he hit the duo up on Twitter. Carter and Barthel eventually came down to Atlanta to work on the record. Sarah handled hook duties on three of the tracks played, one of which was produced by Phantogram’s other half, guitarist Josh Carter. (That track, the spacy “Objectum Sexuality,” was a highlight.)

Dope. This also sort of settles my question of “why do indie artists let their songs be used in commercials for all sorts of shit”. Can’t wait to hear the actual tracks, although I’m sure I’ll forget about this before it’s stated November 13th release date, then be real excited again in October.

Also, just reunite Outkast already.

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