2012 Series Announced

The Capital Region based cyclocross team and race series promoter,, has announced their 2012 race series:

Sunday, September 16, Kirkland Cyclocross, Kirkland, NY
Saturday, October 13, Uncle Sam GP of Cyclocross, Troy, NY
Sunday, October 14, Uncle Sam GP of Cyclocross, Troy, NY
Sunday, October 21, Saratoga Spa Cyclocross, Saratoga, NY (The 2012 NYS Cyclocross Championships)
Sunday, October 28, Wicked Creepy, Bennington, VT
Sunday, November 11, Bethlehem Cup, Bethlehem, NY

If you don’t already know, cyclocross is a hybrid of mountain biking and road biking, developed by the Belgians to keep themselves in shape for cycling during the fall and winter. It’s on a short 3-4 mile track, usually both on and off road, with obstacles such as stairs, super steep inclines, barriers, etc., all designed to make the race as hard as possible. It’s super fun to come out and watch the races, drink some beers, heckle some riders and even more fun to jump in and acutally race.

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