KAB is brought to you by…

Missed this post yesterday since I was working, oh well. Anyway, the answer is sponsors! They help things over here at KAB, and that makes them the best.

If you are interested in advertising, feel free to drop me a line using the contact page and we will get something worked out.

Collar City CrossFit: Before joining, everyone that I knew that did CrossFit was ripped and loved CF. I recently joined and I totally get it now. Check em out, your first class is free. Go with a friend and see what it’s all about. All abilities welcome.

The City Beer Hall: They’ve got a big craft selection on tap and even more bottles for you to choose from. Their food is incredibly good, and if you’re not that hungry you can opt for the free pizza you get with each drink. And now, brunch on the patio every weekend.

518Prints: The only place to go if you need shirts printed. Period. Every local band shirt and more you probably don’t realize basically is done by these guys.

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