Bike share program coming to Albany (and Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga)

As reported by CBS6:

The Capital District Transportation Committee will launch a pilot program in Schenectady in July, followed by Troy, Saratoga Springs and Albany.

The bike-sharing program will spend a week in each city and will allow registered riders to grab one of 25 bicycles at kiosks. Committee officials say they’ll use the weeklong stints to gauge regional interest in the program, which is being run by Buffalo BikeShare.

This sounds awesome and is the perfect solution for many people who would love to ride bikes when it’s nice out, but don’t care for the maintenance and storage side of owning a bicycle. When you see one of these things around, grab a bike and take it for a ride and maybe these kiosks will become permanent.

Check out the Buffalo Bikeshare website to get an idea of the operation.

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