New Years Eve parties in and around Albany

Below is a list of events that I could find from places that have put together an event for NYE. Almost every bar has a vague event listing for “a DJ” and a $150 open bar, which is why those are explicitly excluded. If I missed anything actually worthwhile, please email or tweet me the info and I will add it.

The Confectionery: Open bar, wine tasting, DJ, food station, photobooth and more.

Old English: Open bar, passed hors d’oeuvres and champagne at midnight.

Pauly’s Hotel: With Oobleck, and Dr. Magnum.

Putnam Den: Wild Adriatic, North & South Dakotas, Evac Protocol, and Leila.

The Palace: Moe.

Proctors: First Night Funny comedy show as well as the ball drop.

Franklin Plaza: Fancy party with The Accents providing the tunes as well as food stations and cocktails.

The Ruck: All inclusive dinner and beer menu.

Jose Malone’s: Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra and DJ XTREME.

The Low Beat: All request night with The Deadbeats.

Umana Restaurant & Wine Bar: Prix fixe menu and special wines.

The Half Moon, Hudson: With the Voodoo Revue & Marc Anthony Thompson.

The Hollow: With Northern Faces, Stellar Young, The Slaughterhouse Chorus.

Kingston: City wide party.

Fuze Box: With Mirk and Stoop Kidz.

Saratoga: First Night with Nat Osborn Band, The Orange, Bear Grass, Great Mutations, Beaked Whale, and Olivia Quillio.

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