Interview and Summer Line Launch: Spring Break ’95

Back in January, our friend and sometimes KAB-contributor, Twomey, started up his own clothing line, Spring Break ’95. I was quick to get my hands on a tank once the Spring line dropped and before long, Justin Bieber was also sporting it.

In the months that followed the initial conception, Twomey began to get both the shirts and word out there, starting with the perfect demographic: his friends. It’s grown quite a ways since then and today marks a new landmark for the DIY start-up in the form of the Summer line launching in accordance with the company website going live.

These shirts and tanks were meant for the summer months after all, and as Twomey puts it, “This is our summer.” Get into it.

Hit the jump below to check out the look book video showcasing the new line and to hear more from the founder of Spring Break ’95.

Tell me about Spring Break’s conception. Obviously, you’ve known me for a while and everyone who knows me knows that I like to party and have a good time. What better a venue than Spring Break.

Why a line of tanks and shirts? I’ve always looked for “perfect” shirts and tank tops when I’m shopping and I’ve always had a picky taste. In my head, I have an idea of what I want to wear, but I can never find it in stores. When it comes down to the style, the print, the feel – anything I want – I can’t find a combo of the three. So I figured, why not print shirts? That way, I can do what I want in regards to how it looks and lays. It’s not a new concept; when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you have fun.

With Spring Break ’95, I wanted to take my ideas for what I look for in a store and make it easily available for my friends and I. It should be easy for the customer.

Have you had any challenges that you’ve overcome so far since launching this Spring? It’s hard to get going. I’m trying to keep progressing with what I like to wear, and keeping an eye out for what other people are currently wearing. So it really all just came down to starting. Getting it going. Getting a buzz is huge too. I feel fucking good about it.

How’s the response been so far? The response I’ve gotten is amazing. It’s crazy. Seeing kids I used to not get along with saying they dig it rules. My friends have really been an awesome way to promote the company as well. We are really tight knit and they all wear it. I couldn’t ask for more out of them.

Babe City? Babe City. Every night when you go out, don’t you want to look good? You don’t look in the mirror and say, yeah I’m a 6. No, you’re a fucking 10 and it’s always Babe City.

Tell us about the Summer Line. The summer line is cool. We added two t-shirts this time that I really dig. We have three tanks that are unisex, a girls tank and a girls crop tank. I think this is way better. The “Oh, Lindsay” tank is awesome. Four of our “spokesman Lindsay Lohan’s mug shots plastered with inspirational quotes over her eyes. Also had to do a Yanks tank. That was just bound to happen. It really was supposed to happen a while ago.

Where have you vended alongside bands and what’s that been like? I drove out to Jamboree in Toledo Ohio trying to push Spring Break. They weren’t feeling it at all. I met some cool dudes, but for the most part, the kids just still wear all black and mosh stuff. Wrong demo. I also have sold shirts at State Champs shows and crushed it. I’m slowly learning where I shouldn’t even try.

What’s your short term or future goals? We just made this look book, so it’s time to get into stores. I have made some amazing connects down here in Brooklyn that I definitely intend to follow-up with in that regard. Another goal is to just keep on seeing people in these tanks.

Where can people purchase the Summer Line? Our new site,, launches today along with the line.

We just shot a new video for the look book as well; to give people a better look into the company. I have grown a lot since our Spring line launched. Crazy how much stuff you can learn that fast about this industry. The last video we did for the Spring line was awesome, but this one is going to knock people out.

We hired the dude Mike Lerner, whom we all know his cred to shoot the actual photos for the look book as well. My team is really strong now and I feel good about it. We all have the same vision.

We all think big. We are taking over this summer.

Photo © Mike Lerner

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