The Origin of my Strip Club Fascination

The following is a guest post from Kevin Ross.

After my ex told me she hated me and called me “a true dickhead”, I went to the strip club to get my mind off things. I went to a club called Shenanigan’s in Albany where I wasn’t carded and preceded to blow 200 dollars when I was only 18.

Inside of Shenanigans I met a Polish stripper who was a “teacher in Vermont” and told me something so profound that I still remember it this day. She told me, “I know you live a good life, because all of your teeth are white and straight. After that, I thought this respectable woman was crazy; but she was so fine I gave her my entire cache of cash and told her she was mine for the night, to which she happily agreed. My first time in the strip club and I’m making these women mine…what do we call that?

We call that winning.

Now that I’m older, much hasn’t changed. Except that I’m a known in the two most popular strip clubs in NYC and spend considerably more.

Many people ask me why I go to the strip clubs so much, and usually my response is if I’m going to get drunk, I might as well get drunk around respectable women that are going to show me their tits. But I think it goes a little deeper, I think I’m attracted to what the strip club represents, especially in regard to the American dream. When you think of America, you usually think of power, wealth, and capitalism. What embodies power, wealth, and capitalism more than a strip club?

When you walk inside of Sue’s Rendezvous you’re instantly captured by the loud music, the tons of women walking around half naked and of course the women dancing inside of the bar. I love Sue’s so much that I personally know the owner, manager and all the bodyguards.

The first time I went to Sue’s, it was for my birthday. I spent 300 bucks on one respectable woman, closed the club down and was effectively still drunk the next morning for my 8am midterm.

I was officially hooked. My friends and I started going to Sue’s on normal weekdays. One of my female friends even contemplated dancing for them. Every time I went to Sue’s, I was inspired to make more money and with the more money I made, the more I spent. It sounds crazy, most people look toward Wall Street as motivation for their dreams of making it. I think that’s bullshit; most of the people on Wall Street are over extended and living a false livelihood.

You can’t bullshit the strip club because as Piles said “Strip Club NIGGA HOMIE, CASH ONLY, and it’s the absolute truth. I personally use the strip club as a place to think and recollect — it’s my version of the country club. I can get an hj, couple of dances and get drunk with my bros. Screw a fishing trip for bonding time, let’s go to the strip club.

You’re probably thinking: this guy is delusional or borderline crazy. While you may be right, the fact is, like anything in life it’s all about perspective and for me, strip clubs and inspiration are inextricably linked.

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