Jersey Shore Season 6 to be Filmed in Lake George

The Examiner is reporting, no sources whatsoever, typos and all, that the next Jersey Shore season will be filmed in Lake George June 2nd to August 31st.

What do you think? Are they ‘blogging 4 hits’? Is this even blogable?
Is this an early ‘April Fools’ joke? Did they ‘get you’?
We’re they attracted to LG because of their splatter t-shirts?
Is Jersey Shore ‘totes over’?
Will there be enough ‘new poon’ for them to ‘tear thru’?
Will you try to ‘smush’ Pauly D?
Will you babysit mini-Snooki?
Will you be mad if Snooki wins the MegaMillions?

UPDATE: A nice commenter man leaves us with some insight:

Monday is April Fool’s day. The source publication, The Glens Falls Chronicle, usually posts an “April Fool’s Story” in the issue preceding April 1.

Has this been ‘debunked’? Is the Examiner ‘mad stupid’?
Did I just want any excuse to use that photo?

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